With MLEC Solar installing, servicing and maintaining only the very best forward thinking, future-proof solar panels, it makes perfect sense that we supply Renewable Energy Corporation (REC) solar panels amongst our vast range of quality solar panel manufacturers represented by us. 

Founded in Norway in 1996, two local factories at that time were the world's largest producer of multicrystalline wafers - a key element in building high quality solar panels. In 2007, REC began its world class manufacturing facility in Singapore, which became the world’s largest integrated solar manufacturing complex at that time. 

By the end of 2019, REC had manufactured almost 38 million solar panels, which amounts to more than 10 gigawatts of clean energy created. That’s a whole lot of clean energy - enough to supply power to more than 16 million homes! 

REC panels are built in word-leading technological hub - Singapore. 

Singapore, after years of dedicated hard yards building strong IT infrastructure and intellectual property laws in 2020 took the top spot as a world-leading technology hub. In fact, it was the top spot for tech development outside the Silicon Valley.

Singapore's thriving tech sector is a culmination of a range of factors. The blossoming-tech city-state has a prime location at the crossroads of Asia's biggest markets, low taxes on businesses, a well-developed IT infrastructure, strong investment opportunities and robust regulatory bodies. 

With modern infrastructure now cited as the most important factor in enabling a city to become a technology innovation centre, Singapore claimed the title from New York, which slid to fifth on the list, while Beijing dropped from second to seventh

That gives you some idea of just how prolific in tech our South-East Asian neighbours are - their prominence also proving why they build REC solar panels so well. 

REC builds their solar panels with such quality and care they internally test each component of their panels before they leave the factory - in fact, their testing is at such a stringent level, REC is renowned to test their panels up to three times more than the current industry standards. This high level of testing ensures total confidence when REC sends out their panels for certification - because they always pass. 

REC care about producing high quality panels and ensuring they'll be reliable for their lifetime, performing to an optimum level in the most extreme environments - which mean these panels are built tough for the Aussie climate.

Quality assurance is taken very seriously at REC, so much so that REC products and production processes are also certified and endorsed by independent third parties, proving that REC panels meet the highest quality standards required for a long-lasting, life-time product. 

This high level of quality also means REC panels are also leaders in avoiding power loss due to general solar panel degradation. By utilising a high-quality REC panel, made with the hi tech materials, you can be sure to generate more power, earn and save more money thanks to reduced degradation. 

The stringent internal processes used by REC, are rigidly followed to ensure that their panels consistently have the highest quality, wherever they are installed. This repeatable high quality is synonymous with the REC brand and fully recognised and appreciated by MLEC as we regularly install REC panels all over WA, with them operating under all kinds of weather conditions. 

But it's not just the areas of stringent internal testing and quality assurance REC excel in, they also care greatly about sustainability and integrating climate conscious systems into homes and businesses the world over. This is where they align wholeheartedly with MLEC Solar and their WA mission to have every home and business equipped with a top tier quality solar system. 

Just as MLEC is widely regarded as a leader in the WA solar provider industry, so are REC leaders at what they do best - producing world class solar panels. 

Both companies agree on and implement real world solutions to those seeking to harness power from the sun, reducing their power bills and actively reducing carbon emissions globally. REC believes that solar panels should be built to be recyclable at the end of their long lives, so they make a concerted effort to ensure all their products are both durable and recyclable. Should you need your REC solar panels recycled, MLEC Solar is well equipped to dismantle your panels, take them away and have them recycled.

REC even builds their solar panels with a super low carbon footprint in the manufacturing process - to the extent of receiving the hallowed CERTISOLIS certification. Because of advanced production methods and low carbon footprint, REC’s solar panels have a ‘short energy payback time’ which means in two short years the panels REC produce will have generated the same amount of energy to produce them in the first place. 

So, with super sustainability factors, extremely stringent testing and quality assurance, teamed with high quality solar gear built in a world leading country in technology, REC tick all the boxes MLEC Solar are proud to tick! 

As REC keep pushing the envelope further and further in smart tech, future-proof solar technology and MLEC Solar keep leading the way in installing, servicing and maintaining said solar products - you're assured as a customer you’ll not only be receiving the very best quality solar panels, but the very best local expert team to install and service them. 

You don’t have to travel to Singapore to have the latest solar panel tech in your home or business, because your local solar experts, MLEC Solar, stock them, install them and service them right in here in WA. 

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