As an early pioneer in the solar panel manufacturing market, Risen Energy has been researching, developing and building high quality solar panels since 1986. From wafers to modules and everything else photovoltaic, Risen Energy have been building and growing their company to now be widely recognised as one of the top five panel suppliers in the rooftop sector, worldwide. 

In Australia, Risen Energy have nurtured their established presence in the solar panel market since 2008, by actively and regularly supplying solar PV panels and energy storage systems to both homes and businesses all over the country - as well as implementing and supplying some larger scale solar projects here in WA. 

Risen’s come with a 15-year warranty. This teamed with MLEC Solar’s unique 20-year workmanship guarantee ensures customers can rest easy knowing their high-quality solar panel system has been manufactured and installed with the highest industry standards.

Risen Energy solar panels are also manufactured to be highly corrosion resistant and have been certified, making their panels very well suited to all the harsh weather conditions WA can throw at them - from severe storms and chill to the searing heat, Risen panels are certified to handle WA’s weather conditions. 

As a company Risen are extremely dedicated to the green energy cause in Australia with one of their goals being the establishment of 2GW solar panel farms here in Oz. Risen is making their mark on our shores as a key-player in the local renewable energy market. 

Risen Energy are a state-level high-tech enterprise, having produced more than 45 key business core technologies. Risen Energy has an established and independent national level photovoltaic laboratory, which has received CNAS certification. The cutting-edge laboratory provides support for the design, development and quality control of the company and other photovoltaic enterprises. 

As the popular Australian solar industry review website, Solar Quotes, recently reported - the multi-award-winning Risen Energy was recently named the third largest Chinese panel manufacturer, with an output of 8.6 gigawatts. The company's web site currently states it has reached a module production capacity of 11.1GW. Also, Risen Energy again made GlobalData’s top ten list of solar panel manufacturers for global shipments in the previous year. 

While at the heart of Risen Energy’s key business model is researching, developing and manufacturing top quality solar panels and supplying them to Australia, they aim to deliver their world class solar products worldwide as a dedicated effort to promote and create more green energy the world over. The ever developing Risen now has offices in China, Germany, Mexico, India, Japan, The US and here in Australia, where their green energy impact is growing exponentially. 

As popularity in Risen Energy’s solar panels in Australia grows, Risen are giving back to Australian communities in need - including assisting those areas affected by the 2020 bushfires by teaming up with local businesses and supplying homes with solar panels and solar storage systems. From Risen Energy's Victorian office, General Manager, Eric Lee, was quoted commenting in regard to the solar assistance: ‘It is in line with Risen’s intention to become more involved in local Australian communities, (as it) ties in with Risen Energy’s vision of a green future’. 

Risen Energy’s involvement in building local solar infrastructure is also progressive on a larger scale - especially here in Western Australia. 

Risen Energy recently signed a renewable power purchase agreement with BHP for their Merredin Solar Farm to supply up to 50 per cent of electricity needs at BHP’s Nickel West Kwinana refinery. 

The agreement will help BHP reduce emissions from electricity use at the refinery by up to 50 per cent by 2024, based on FY2020 levels. This will effectively displace an estimated 364,000 tonnes of CO2e between 2021 and 2031. This is the equivalent of removing 11,200 combustion engine cars from WA’s roads every year.

The competitively priced clean power will be supplied from Risen Energy’s Merredin Solar Farm, West Australia’s largest completed solar installation which has an output of 274GWh of electricity annually. 

As owners of the Merredin Solar Farm, Risen Energy progressed the project from funding, detailed engineering design, through construction, commissioning and operation. 

Risen Energy’s Merredin Solar Farm is connected to the grid, generating 100% capacity straight into the Western Australian network. Merredin Solar Farm is West Australia’s largest completed solar installation and has an expected output of 274GWh of electricity annually, generating enough green energy to power approximately 42,000 Western Australian homes.

Western Australian Minister for Mines and Petroleum, Bill Johnston said: “Congratulations to everyone at BHP Nickel West for taking this important step forward to reduce their operation’s carbon footprint.”

This view was supported by Vice General Manager of Risen Energy Australia, John Zhong, who commented ‘We look forward to welcoming many more clean energy partnerships to power manufacturing, minerals processing and other Western Australian industries.’ 

Mr Zhong also went on to add, ‘We are steadily growing our solar projects and solar module supply businesses in Australia and we see a bright future ahead as Australia continues to expand its renewable energy market,’ explained Zhong. ‘Risen Energy has a long-term plan to be a major independent renewable power producer within Australia. The Merredin Solar Farm in Western Australia and the Yarranlea Solar Farm in Queensland are the first two steps in us achieving our goal to deliver 2GW of clean energy to Australia’, said Zhong. 

Risen Energy supplies high quality solar panels to WA via industry leaders, MLEC Solar, and they are making a big impact in directly assisting WA’s ever-developing solar energy industry - what great reasons to choose Risen Energy solar panels and MLEC Solar! 

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