Imagine having MLEC Solar set up a high-quality solar system, equipped with an equally high-quality solar battery storage system. Within this solar battery you could store a whole heap of surplus energy accumulated by the sun via your solar panels, to use in your home or business whenever you like! Sound good? 

This is where a SENEC Solar Battery Storage Systems step in. 

SENEC’s award winning solar batteries are 100% German designed and made, so you know you’re getting one of the world’s very finest solar battery storage systems - so much so that in 2020 SENEC were awarded the New Product Innovation award at the recent Australian Brand Awards. The award was given to SENEC’s Home V3 Hybrid solar battery storage system - just one of the fantastic SENEC systems that MLEC proudly installs, services and maintains. 

Before we get on to how great SENEC and their solar batteries are, here is a bit about solar battery storage systems and what they can do for your home or business’ solar system. 

Solar battery storage systems store your solar-generated energy for use at night, on low-light days or during high demand periods. With solar battery prices becoming more affordable and the return on investment in a battery solar system now averaging between three to five years, now is the time to make the switch to solar or add a battery to your current system. MLEC Solar are experts in solar battery storage for residential and commercial solar systems in WA. 

After MLEC Solar has professionally installed a winning solar system, complete with a SENEC solar battery, you and your household or business can become up to 90% self-sufficient with sun-generated electricity.

SENEC solar battery storage systems can store so much surplus power they can enable your household or business to use power 24 hours a day - and that’s including cloudy days, nights and the occasional black out - don’t want to be left in the dark? Read on.

As well as saving on your energy bills, you can rest easy knowing you and your family are helping reduce your carbon footprint and your impact on the environment.

Although a new solar system from MLEC Solar is best optimised with a power storage system, if you already have solar then it’s easy to retrofit. So, even if you have an existing solar panel system, if you are looking to install a SENEC solar battery, rest assured that SENEC storage systems are designed to be compatible with all in place solar panel systems, regardless of the manufacturer.

Rather than sending your surplus energy back to the grid, a SENEC solar battery storage system gives you the advantage of being able to store the solar energy your solar system has generated. As a result, your solar power you’ve accumulated and stored is available for you even at night to power your lights, air con, heaters, etc. 

SENEC’s multi-award-winning technology can cycle the internal battery twice a day, supporting you through your morning and evening peaks, when energy usage is high and not supported by solar. Not only will your electricity bills reduce drastically, but you also ensure a self-sufficient power supply in your home, which protects you from power outages and constantly rising electricity prices. Engineered for 12,000 recharging cycles – SENEC solar battery storage systems double the capacity of their main competitor.

Available in a variety of sizes, SENEC has a solution for every household and/or business. For complete future-proofing capabilities, SENEC has made it easy to upgrade your system, should it be required, as the technology involved is advanced and developed. Future upgrades will ensure optimum clean energy storage and increase the likelihood of complete energy independence. 

Another hi-tech digital aspect that helps you manage and monitor your SENEC battery is the SENEC App. This state-of-the-art monitoring app enables you to take control of your home or business’ power supply by allowing you to view the performance of your whole system and track your savings as you go.

While making your home or business up to 90% self-sufficient and powering your home with clean, green energy 24/7 - in all kinds of weather conditions - you have the option of installing 4 SENEC units to create your very own micro-grid - that’s basically like running a mini power plant out of your own home! 

SENEC solar battery storage systems come with a solid ten-year warranty - and an optional 20-year guarantee. That teamed with MLEC Solar’s classic 20-year workmanship guarantee is sure to give you peace of mind. MLEC stands by its massive 20-year workmanship guarantee plus our trained solar experts are well equipped to service your SENEC solar battery storage system, should it ever require it. 

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s a happy customer from WA who recently installed a SENEC solar battery storage system, from the SENEC Australia's website:  

“Our power bill went from $510 to $70...” We live in a large 5x3 with a pool. Most days we now only use around 4 units off the grid. At this rate we will pay our outlay within 5 years. Without SENEC you are literally wasting so much energy. If you are a high consumer like our family, SENEC just makes sense. Also, the SENEC App is amazing. If you have solar panels, get yourself a SENEC!” 

So, that’s SENEC. With more than 40,000 SENEC battery storage systems installed worldwide, SENEC has been repeatedly honoured as a top PV brand for power storage and recently received a prestigious 2020 German Excellence Award. In Australia they continually impress a growing number of happy customers who have a highly effective solar battery storage system installed, while addressing climate issues by reducing massive carbon footprints nationwide. 

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