Here at MLEC, we only work with world leading solar products and solar systems, expertly installing and servicing them for Aussie homes and businesses. We’re the best so we only work with the best and as the leaders in providing WA homes and businesses with the highest quality solar equipment, MLEC are proud stockists and installers of the finest, world-class panels, optimisers and inverters. So, without further ado, allow us to introduce you to one of our leading global partners: SolarEdge.
If there was a Grand Prix for solar systems, SolarEdge would be leading the pack. If they could ride a bike and competed in the Tour de France - they’d be wearing the yellow jersey. Catch my drift?
Leading the way in all things solar technology, SolarEdge’s international solar system expertise comes from selling nearly 30 million units, including panels, optimisers, inverters and monitors - all compatible with hundreds of different installations on every kind of roof, in over 130 countries. That’s 125 countries visited more than your average Contiki tour - and no doubt 30 million times more beneficial.
Did you know SolarEdge invented the power optimizer which revolutionized the way power is harvested and managed in a solar system? Well - they did.
Also recently, SolarEdge has expanded its portfolio to include panels, batteries, e-mobility, critical power and automation machines. This makes SolarEdge one of the largest diversified solar technology companies in the world. 
Have SolarEdge won any medals to prove these lofty claims? Well, yes - the smart panel carries the hallowed SolarEdge seal of approval, and has undergone stringent solar system testing by PI Berlin, ensuring the highest quality and reliability.
A truly global company, via its Israel-based headquarters, SolarEdge operates largely out of Delaware, USA and has offices in Germany, Italy and Japan. So if you are on that Contiki tour, consider booking a site visit because from its inception in 2006, SolarEdge has created an illustrious history already as one of the leaders in manufacturing photovoltaic (PV) systems, which are widely regarded as among the world’s best methods of harnessing the sun’s power and converting it it into energy. 
Impressed? Hang on, there’s more!
Representing one of the most significant leaps in solar technology in the past 20 years, SolarEdge’s HD-Wave technology is a novel power conversion topology that significantly decreases inverter size and weight, while also achieving record 99% weighted efficiency. This basically means more space on your roof for additional panels, less pressure on your structure and heaps more efficiency all round. 
The SolarEdge single phase inverters with HD wave technology is a multi-award-winning product. It is the latest generation of single-phase inverters achieving record
breaking 99% efficiency. This means more energy production for greater energy savings. It comes with a market leading warranty of 12 years which is also extendable to 25 years - bonus!
As you’ve no doubt figured out, these guys know their stuff and the team here at MLEC are massive fans - what well respected solar geeks wouldn’t be? SolarEdge is a progressive and well diversified solar technology company with a range of premium solar system products, including panels, power optimisers and inverters - each available here in Australia and ready for installation once you are happy with the right solar system plan that best suits you and your business. A top-quality solar system with all the requirements you could ever need teamed with Australia’s best solar system installers: Now that’s a tasty combo!
One of the keys to SolarEdge’s winning formula in creating optimal quality PV systems is due to the invention in 2006 of an intelligent inverter solution which ‘changed the way power is harvested and managed.’ In other words, the solar nerds did good.
Their ground-breaking advancements in panel level optimisation are both progressive and essential as panel level optimisation maximises output from every optimised panel in the solar system. Ultimately this means your SolarEdge solar panels are individually optimised and harnessing the most power from the sun as possible, while working in unison with each other and providing the most efficient solar system outcome for your home and your business - cool! Cool and warm.
Power optimisers also mitigate against poor solar panel performance caused by thermal mismatch, leaves and bird droppings, manufacturing tolerance, different panel orientations and partial shading. So when muck messes up your panels, the cleaner panels compensate - it’s like AI on your roof.
It’s natural for such a forward-thinking solar system manufacturer such as SolarEdge to take into account optimum safety measures. Each power optimiser is equipped with the unique SafeDC™ feature which automatically shuts down panels' DC voltage whenever the inverter or grid power is shut down.
These unique developments paved the way for SolarEdge to become a global leader in smart energy technology, with a strong focus on innovation and utilising world class engineering techniques. MLEC Solar reflects the pride of SolarEdge in their abilities to build smart energy products and solar solutions that provide renewable power to homes and businesses and drive future progress.
MLEC and SolarEdge are at the forefront of future proofing WA homes and businesses by bringing their cutting-edge technology to you directly. This is backed by a 25-year guarantee on the solar systems, teamed with MLEC’s 20-year guarantee on workmanship.
Another popular example of SolarEdge’s progressive solar system monitoring includes their mySolarEdge app which enables users to easily track solar production, consumption and self-consumption at any time, from anywhere - how cool is that! The app is so in tune with your solar system and so precise it can provide enhanced performance monitoring down to the individual panel level - you could check in with your solar system and monitor it, checking your solar stats from any location.
With the mySolarEdge app, users can gain real-time visibility on energy use and production and track system performance and compare production over time. It’s also possible to control home appliances remotely and set smart schedules to maximise energy savings.
The bottom line is that the mySolarEdge app allows users to measure and manage solar energy more effectively - boom!
Another fantastic SolarEdge product is the StorEdge storage solution, which enables homeowners to maximise self-consumption and increase energy independence.
In addition to optimising self-consumption, StorEdge can also provide backup power to pre-selected loads when the household suffers from grid interruptions. 
The StorEdge inverter also allows for large numbers of solar panels to be connected not only to power the home’s appliances, but also to charge a home battery, even in wintry or cloudy conditions. This market leading feature provides useful flexibility when sizing a system to meet the household’s energy needs.
Guess what? With the world’s First 2-in-1 EV Charger and Solar Inverter homeowners can charge electric vehicles up to four times faster than a standard Level 1 charger through an innovative solar boost mode that utilises grid and PV charging simultaneously - nice!
SolarEdge solar panels, integrated with the unique power optimisers, enable faster residential and business installations all over Australia by MLEC, with years of SolarEdge installation and servicing expertise under our belt, we are well and truly well-equipped and experienced in handling this hot product (pardon the pun).
This partnership makes for simplified logistics and easier servicing, while combining MLEC’s installation expertise and SolarEdge’s manufacturing prowess and leading DC optimisation technology with guaranteed panel performance for greater panel output, literally straight out of the box. With these powers combined (and the sun’s) you’ll be clocking up solar powered savings in no time.
Designed to automatically use excess PV power in order to increase solar energy usage, SolarEdge’s smart energy products allow users to decrease their electricity bills, improve energy independence and enjoy automatic on-the-go device control.
So, in a nutshell, that’s SolarEdge - one of the finest examples of the very best manufacturers of all things solar systems, busy building your Tier 1, top shelf, solar panels, optimisers and inverters - ready to be installed and serviced by Australia’s very own top shelf solar solution providers - us!

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