From Stanford University, comes solar-powered aeronautics, to roofs around the world - SunPower’s Solar Panels have an illustrious 35-year history proving they are among the world’s best clean energy system manufacturers and suppliers. MLEC, WA’s progressive solar solution providers, is proud to share with you the fantastic solar products SunPower produces and provides. 

There are solar panels and then there are SunPower solar panels. Designed in the mid-80s by scientists at Stanford University, a unique high-efficiency solar cell, trademarked ‘Maxeon’, was developed and was quickly proven to be a leap forward in solar cell technology. 

Since those early days of development, SunPower has installed more than 35 million SunPower solar panels - that is the staggering equivalent to removing about 17 million cars from the road. SunPower branded products can be found in more than 100 countries through a global sales network spanning more than 1,100 installation partners across the globe - a list that includes us! WA’s proudly owned and operated MLEC Solar. 

To say SunPower is inextricably linked with combating carbon emissions is an understatement. In 2001, SunPower’s solar cells were solely used on a NASA high altitude aircraft which set an altitude record of 29,500 metres, a world record for sustained horizontal flight by a winged aircraft. And Icarus was told he shouldn’t fly too close to the sun? NASA’s aircraft got close and was powered by the sun at the same time! 

SunPower’s technology has developed so rapidly their panels are utilised in some of the most progressive, future-proof projects currently underway. SunPower technology has been awarded more than 900 patents, and is the solar product receiving the most investment through research and development than any other silicon solar company.

The founder of SolarStratos, the world’s first and largest solar-powered boat, sailed around the world purely on solar energy, in 2012 - guess who supplied the solar panels? Yep, SunPower. 

And a nod to Aussie innovation, SunPower’s backside contact solar cells powered Honda's ‘Dream’ solar car to victory in the annual Darwin to Adelaide race across Australia in 1993’s World Solar Challenge, beating the second-place winner by one full day. SunPower’s solar cells operate with the speed of light! 

So, what’s the solar secret behind SunPower’s success? It all lies in the Maxeon solar cell - the same size and shape as a conventional 6-inch/160 mm single crystal silicon cell, packed into 60-cell solar panels. The cells have a conversion efficiency of 25.2%, and each panel produces up to 360 W. In comparison, typical solar panels produce up to 250 to 270 W. In layman’s speak, that’s quite a difference in wattage between SunPower’s superior cells and lesser brands’ output. 

SunPower’s Tier 1 solar panels have been implemented the world over by some of the largest and most progressive companies, yet they make their technological advancements in solar cells and panels affordable for homes and smaller businesses.  

SunPower solar panels installed on homes and businesses the world over has generated enough clean energy to offset the equivalent carbon emissions of approximately 14 million cars driven for a year. Besides these fantastic environmental milestones, SunPower also ensures what they call ‘a closed-loop sustainability strategy’ by which they continuously improve the way their products are developed, constructed, used and recycled. This process begins at the very inception of each product and continues through every single stage of the lifecycle.

Not only are SunPower championing the green energy cause, but they are also continually raising the bar for sustainability, always aiming to be a regenerative force - on the environment and the wider society. From SunPower’s Maxeon direct current panels achieving Cradle to Cradle Certified™ recognition to being the only solar panel manufacturer to have been accepted into the Declare Label program, SunPower technology leads the industry in environmental stewardship. 

Always environmentally conscious and active in reducing their footprints on resources, SunPower recently reduced their manufacturing water use per MW by 13.8% - well past SunPower's internal goal of 5% per year. Since 2016, manufacturing water use has gone down a massive 39% per cent. 

In 2019, SunPower's CO2 emissions were reduced 15.74 metric tons for every megawatt of solar panels produced. So, if SunPower produced the same volume of panels the year before, they would have emitted 20,038 MT CO2 more than they did this year. Those carbon emission savings are equivalent to the carbon set-off by roughly 27,000 acres of bushland in a year - did we mention these guys were environmentally aware? 

SunPower also monitors the renewable energy in the grid at all their module manufacturing facilities. SunPower recently reduced energy use per MW by 8.4% - the equivalent of driving an average car more than approximately 80 million kilometres. 

SunPower are so confident in their technology and workmanship, their products are backed by the industry-leading 25-year coverage of the SunPower Complete Confidence panel warranty. That goes hand in hand with MLEC Solar’s standing behind their 20-year workmanship guarantee - bringing you peace of mind. 

As a land of many seasons, you can rest assured SunPower’s solar panel systems are well suited to Australia’s myriad of weather conditions. Solar experts have well tested SunPower’s panels and proven they are ‘the best at withstanding all types of weather.’ So whether you live in the milder climates of down south, or up where the sun shines stronger up north - SunPower solar cell technology can provide optimum solar power.

So, that’s SunPower - tried and tested solar panels that are among the world’s finest. If you are looking to sail a solar-powered boat around the world, soar beyond the stratosphere in a space-age aircraft or install a winning solar panel set-up with MLEC Solar’s expert installation team, aim for the sun and consider SunPower. 

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