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As Perth’s leading residential and commercial solar installers and retailers, our team provides top quality inverters. Each inverter from these leading brands is backed by at least a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Below we've answered some common questions about solar inverters. If you still don't have your answer please don't hesitate to call us.

If you need assistance in setting up your Wifi inverter, please refer to our Wifi Set Up Page

Why isn’t my solar inverter working? 

There are potentially a few reasons why your inverter is not functioning properly. A faulty inverter service breaker could well be the issue. 


The circuit breaker flicks off if there is a fault, or a thermal spike through the circuit. Sometimes this is a false alarm at other times it could indicate a short circuit or faulty breaker. If the breakers are not off but the inverter is still not working, perform a shut-down and restart. If the problem continues to occur, you should contact us and arrange for a technician to attend to the system. 


More information can be found on troubleshooting specific inverter error codes on our error codes page

My inverter is overheating, what should I do? 

Inverters are made up of electronic components, and therefore sensitive to temperatures. High temperatures will lead to a significant reduction in production and can even result in a production stop if the maximum operating temperature is reached. 


It is highly advisable to regularly check the cooling during the operational period and to establish that the cooling or ventilation system is operating correctly. In addition to this, several steps can be taken to prevent excessively high temperatures, such as installing and cleaning dust filters, removing undergrowth that impedes airflow, etc. 

My inverter is experiencing an ‘Isolation Fault', what should I do? 

Isolation faults occur because of a short-circuit between various parts of the circuit, and the inverter will then report an ‘isolation alarm’. The short-circuit is usually the result of a combination of moisture and damage to the sleeve on the cabling, poor connection of the DC cables to the panel, or moisture in the connection part of the PV module. To prevent this problem, it is also important that the correct level of protection (IP) is selected for the inverter cabinet and the inverter building. 


Warning! An isolation fault can cause potentially fatal voltages in the conducting parts of the system! Ensure that maintenance is always carried out in accordance with the applicable safety standards, to ensure optimum safety, please contact us to arrange a certified technician to attend to the system. 

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