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Chich Bar, Osborne Park

MLEC Solar cooked up a delicious solar system, well designed for Chich Bar in Osborne recently, with Kyle and the boys installing a massive 22kW system with 50 Optimised 440w Risen panels , teamed with an impressive 17kW SolarEdge Inverter. Kyle said of the install, ‘Due to Chich Bar’s raked roof, we had to run surface conduit on the roof – we had no access to the inside. It was a challenge but we pulled through and finished up really well!’ Chich Bar has a lot of shading, so we chose the optimised SolarEdge Inverter System for them – with an optimised system, each optimiser goes on each panel so if there’s one under performing panel due to shade, it’s not going to bring the rest of the string down.’ Even with a tricky roof, Kyle and the boys did a great job. Check out the above video for all the details!

  • Customer:Chich Bar
  • KW:22kW
  • No. Panels:50
  • Retail Value:
  • Estimated Yearly Savings:$15,000+
  • System:Risen Panels + SolarEdge inverter

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