Cornerstone Tavern, Joondalup

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Cornerstone Tavern, Joondalup

We weren’t complaining when we spent a whole heap of time at The Cornerstone Ale House in Butler, during our recent install with them. It was an environmentally conscious meeting of minds when MLEC and The Ale House implemented an energy saving solar system recently. We successfully installed 114 30kW TW Panels and a Fronius Converter, enabling the Cornerstone to save almost $14,000 annually. We supplied the place with enough power to fuel their pumping Friday and Saturday night gigs, plus the Chef’s kitchen where the delicious culinary fare pulls in people from all over! The Cornerstone Ale House, much like MLEC, started with a vision: to become ‘fully integrated, environmentally responsible and 21st Century advanced’ - so you can see why working together was such a treat.

  • Customer:Cornerstone Tavern, Joondalup
  • KW:30kW
  • No. Panels:114
  • Retail Value:-
  • Estimated Yearly Savings:$13,863
  • System:TW Panels and Fronius Inverter

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