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Lesmurdie Club, Lesmurdie

When the true local legends at The Lesmurdie Club called up seeking a stellar solar system, we jumped at the chance to install a stonking solar set-up for our mates at the club. Famous for stocking an array of local beers and wine and hosting their amazing array of tribute acts, The Lesmurdie Club are known for their family friendly and fun events. No doubt our 121 Leapton panels, Sofar Inverter and 39.39kW system install will provide a much needed energy boost and massive savings for the pumping venue, as they look to save over $10,000 annually! MLEC Solar are always happy to help businesses ease their power bill stress, especially enabling popular venues like The Lesmurdie Club to rock on all night long!

  • Customer:Lesmurdie Club
  • KW:39.93kW
  • No. Panels:121
  • Retail Value:$40,000
  • Estimated Yearly Savings:$10,000+
  • System:Leapton Panels + Sofar Inverter

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