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Seoul Buffet Korean BBQ, Victoria Park

One of the business that can benefit the most from installing solar panels are restaurants. The energy requirements for storing food and preparing delicious meals far exceed what most small businesses utilize. In an industry where the margins can be razor-thin, this makes the savings that a modern Solar system can provide the difference between a good month and a bad month. MLEC is proud of the job we did on the for Seoul BBQ in Vic Park. This 30kw set up is the kind of commercial-level power generation that can support a business for years to come. We’re biased here at MLEC but we think Solar is one of the best investments a restaurant can make.

  • Customer:Seoul Buffet Korean BBQ, Victoria Park
  • KW:30kW
  • No. Panels:127
  • Retail Value:-
  • Estimated Yearly Savings:$14,107
  • System:Risen Panels and Solis Inverter

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