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Truflow Hydraulic Components, Welshpool

MLEC Solar had the pleasure of kitting out our mates at Truflow Hydraulics with an industrial sized solar system recently, with Cade and the boys installing 90 x 370W Leapton panels, teamed with a powerful 25kW SMA Inverter. Truflow Hydraulics are well renowned across WA for their end-to-end service, from hydraulic diagnosis to supply, so it was great for MLEC Solar to team up with such industry-leading experts. Cade mentioned, ‘Truflow have a lot of lighting in their warehouse and office gear, so this size of install is well tailored for them. How the system is laid and out and for what Truflow’s power consumption is – they are bound to see quite substantial savings off their bills.’ After a hefty three-day install, Cade and the boys did a stellar job installing this stonking system for Truflow Hydraulics – check the video for the details!

  • Customer:Truflow Hydraulic Components
  • KW:33kW
  • No. Panels:90
  • Retail Value:
  • Estimated Yearly Savings:$20,000+
  • System:Leapton Panels + SMA inverter

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