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Wittenbaker Engineering Services, Henderson

MLEC Solar recently teamed up with our mates at Wittenbaker Engineering Services, a local WA metal fabrication and machining company based in Perth. As both MLEC and WES are experts in large scale projects, it was a great meeting of minds and technical know-how when we installed a massive 100kw solar system. MLEC Solar’s highly qualified team were right at home with WES’ equally trained team, with the both teams benefiting from the install. WES’ on-site machining and mechanical fitting expertise is second to none in Western Australia, just like MLEC Solar’s expert installations and servicing - WA wide.

  • Customer:Wittenbaker Engineering Services
  • KW:100kw
  • No. Panels:250
  • Retail Value:
  • Estimated Yearly Savings:$50,000+
  • System:Risen Panels + 2x SolarEdge Inverters

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