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Customer Testimonial - Bob's Story

Join homeowner and MLEC Solar customer, Bob, as he explains why he chose MLEC Solar. Bob shares that he had solar previously and needed an upgrade, he found the initial contact with the Solar Consultant very informative and helpful – and became confident MLEC Solar was a good choice to assist him in his solar needs. Bob did quite a bit of research before choosing MLEC Solar, comparing the market and costs – before deciding MLEC offered the best products and service, well aligning with his needs. ‘I had a lot of quotes, and even though other companies were cheaper, I decided to go with MLEC Solar because there were a standalone company and provided all their services under one roof’ Check out the video for Bob’s full appraisal!

  • Customer:Residential Client
  • KW:6.6kW
  • No. Panels:n/a
  • Retail Value:
  • Estimated Yearly Savings:$-
  • System:n/a

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