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Sofar Swapout - Rivervale, WA

We swung by this residential installation job in Rivervale, where Ben and the boys installed an impressive Leapton and Sofar solar panel system. The first step was removing the old racking and set of obsolete Suntec panels and swapping them out for 18 brand new 370W Leapton panels. The job proved to be easy as pie for Ben and the boys, who wired up a tidy 5kW Sofar inverter to finish up the system – overall, making for a terrific and timely addition to this tiled-roof beauty! Great work, guys!

  • Customer:Residential Client
  • KW:6.6kW
  • No. Panels:18
  • Retail Value:
  • Estimated Yearly Savings:$-
  • System:370W Leapton Panels + 5kW Sofar Inverter

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