SolarEdge Stunner at Salter Point - Salter Point, WA

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SolarEdge Stunner at Salter Point - Salter Point, WA

We swung by a recent residential install in Salter Point and caught up with Andrew to chat about the installation specifics. This job included an impressive 18 x 370W Leapton panel system, teamed with a 5kW 3-phase SolarEdge inverter. Andrew commented on the benefits of the SolarEdge inverter - including the owner’s ability to map each individual panel to scope panel efficiency, with ease! We also had a yarn with Shaun, MLEC's own WH&S Manager who was onsite to ensure the boys were harnessed up and taking optimum care - check the video for more!

  • Customer:Residential Client
  • KW:6.6kW
  • No. Panels:18
  • Retail Value:
  • Estimated Yearly Savings:$-
  • System:Leapton Panels + SolarEdge inverter

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