Nat the Numbat Meets Matt Morrison!

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Hey gang, what’s up! Nat the hot yet humble Numbat here at MLEC Group busy scurrying about the many cool departments here as I get to know the team and more about the amazing work they do!


Everyone has been so nice and welcoming, all professional style - they’ve really made me feel at home here - even though my old home was a dusty hole in a log! Hectic, eh?


Guess what? I have a totally rad exclusive for you, keen readers, as I’ve managed to grab a hot minute or two with MLEC Group’s co-founder, Matt Morrison! Sweet!


I was super stoked to be invited to the new swanky MLEC Group offices in Canning Vale which is just around the corner from MLEC’s other cool office where I am based (Ps. I love saying that!) I hopped upstairs and met Matt in his swish office - the first thing that struck me was his friendly, straight up vibe and firm handshake - I reckon that cool combo speaks volumes about what kind of solid bloke Matt is, right?


He invited me into the boardroom (la di da!) where we perched up and launched right into the interview (which was more of a cool and casual chat). Matt kicked off proceedings by sharing how MLEC got started by him and his brother Ben’s years of hard work and dedication.


The pair started their apprenticeships together and would work on the weekend building their fledgling business, they decided to ‘hit it hard’ and only two weeks after they became tradesmen they started MLEC Contracting! Matt added ‘We were pretty green and fresh - we’ve grown heaps since then - but we wouldn’t have done it any other way.’


The business name, Matt explained, was borne of ‘Morrison Electrical’ and they ‘just added Contracting on the end.’ Straight up and effective - just like MLEC Group!


Matt says he and Ben still have their friendly arguments - but being ‘locked together is one of those great cores to the business’. I totally got that - my 16 brothers and I don’t always get along but we’re always there for each other - WA wide, just like MLEC - boom!


Directing the business towards the sun into the solar market made perfect sense to Matt and Ben - they just wanted to ‘do something different from the rest’. Matt explained a lot of sparkies stick to what they know but ‘we wanted to jump the gun and get into solar - that really took off so now we’re expanding into other areas.’


And then some! MLEC Group has expanded heaps over the past 8 months, as Matt explained to me - ‘We’re not just a solar company, we have our airconditioning services, a construction division working on new housing and apartments- which is really cool. We also have an nbn division, security as well - we do everything! We even have an in-house maintenance team, if things need servicing we can get them fixed straight away - no hassles.’


Its that no hassles, fair dinkum approach to business that is well aligned to my own work ethics - Matt had a wonderful, laconic way of getting to the point while being warm, welcoming and the more time I spent with him helped me realise I was in the presence of a really cool, down to earth boss! 


Matt, like MLEC, are totally WA proud, with Matt having lived here all his life. He ‘wouldn’t want to live anywhere else - we stick to where and to what we know!’.


That said, here’s an EXCLUSIVE ALERT! 


There’s big plans afoot to expand MLEC Group to other parts of Australia, including a new HQ in Queensland and then New South Wales and potentially South Australia - to all my Tassie cousins, sorry! Matt says it's ‘too cold down there!’ We had a chuckle break right there!


Matt is especially enamored of WA’s beautiful weather and sunshine - of course! When he’s not working hard with MLEC, on site or in the office, he enjoys ‘heading down south with the family and getting away from it all!’ Lovely! I try and let down that way as much as possible, the termites down Marg’s way are stupendous!


Matt loves the variety he’s built into MLEC, with every single job they take on, big or small, is different. He also gets a kick out of how a job may start as a simple pile of dirt and then, due to hard work and planning, become a massive, fully fledged and operating building - ‘seeing that progress is great’ - yeah, to put it lightly! I think that ROCKS!


But it's not all building and installing that floats Matt’s boat about MLEC Group - he loves how much the business has grown over the past 8 months, largely due to ‘a fantastic hardworking and dedicated staff and team’.


As the newest member of the team I was chuffed to know the boss had my back and appreciated what I do at MLEC. Respect, yo - solid style.


Also, fun fact, did you know the installers at MLEC Group work in groups of threes? That’s a really unique thing about MLEC - teams of three means more eyes on safety and more hands make the install a higher quality job. Trust MLEC Group to be trailblazers and ahead of the game!  


Matt’s a busy man and I didn’t want to hold him up much longer so I snuck in a last question wondering if he had any handy hints on how I could succeed within the business - he said, straight up, to ‘try your best to fit into the team culture the best way you can - be part of the family vibes and mateship culture and you won’t fail.’


I love that! I’m already making some great mates at MLEC as I quickly meet peeps in different  departments and get to know how MLEC Group rules!


Matt slung me another stonking handshake and got back into his workday with a kind thanks, smile and glint in his eye!


What an inspiration he was, a really sweet, solid, salt of the earth type of bloke who made me feel even more welcome here at MLEC Group - plus solidified my love of this place - I’m gonna keep kicking butt here and, of course, keep filling you in on the behind the scenes goss at MLEC!


Thanks for reading, guys! More soon!