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What’s up! I’m Nat, a humble numbat who just scored a spot interning with MLEC Solar! Talk about a dream gig? Sure beats banging about the bush in the boiling heat, digging up bugs and termites, right?


Anyhoo, I’m totally stoked to get a shot with MLEC - they’re as West Aussie as me, which is really important to both of us, but it was my love of the sun that was the clincher that helped me get the job! More of that later.


MLEC have taken me on as an intern, with job specs including getting to know the ins and outs of the company AND reporting the super cool aspects back to you guys through this rad blog, cool right?


I’ve cut my teeth on a bit of ‘this and that’ all over WA, mainly ants, bugs and bark - but what I know most about is the power of the sun. It gets super hot out in the desert, I mean the heat out there is really top shelf. I quickly worked out the sun’s energy was vital to helping my fave plants grow and heaps important to planet Earth’s survival - what I didn’t know was how well it can be converted to electricity!


That’s where my research about MLEC Solar began - I’d seen the MLEC guys out and about in the community, installing sweet looking solar systems on homes and businesses. Recently I struck up the courage to chat with one of the friendly installers - he was super ace!


He really took the time to explain how solar works and how MLEC helps homes and businesses cut expensive power bills way low. He also mentioned how MLEC Solar is totally WA owned and operated - that was the coolest bit of news to me! We yarned on for a bit longer, while he was on break, swapping out cool facts about WA and the sun - he even knew about the unique ‘six seasons’ of WA and how MLEC Solar best caters for them!


The nice bloke told me that MLEC Solar was rapidly growing and taking on passionate individuals so it didn't take much big thinking to arrive at the fact that it was in my best interests to give it a shot and apply!


I rang one of the lovely admin members and had a lovely yarn about my experience, my love of the sun and my great wish to be part of the progressive team at MLEC Solar - they were so nice! They were really happy to have a chat and invited me in for a more formal chat with the HR department. Sweet!


Dudes, on the day of the interview I was super nervous - but there was totally no need to be! The lovely HR Manager, Heather, made me feel really welcome and totally at ease. After a really nice introduction she ran through what sets MLEC Solar apart from other solar providers and why it's such a cool place to work!


Heather told me all about how MLEC Solar provides a totally complete solar service including solar panel installation, inverters, battery storage, complete solar system packages and maintenance. She also hammered home how the team is committed to providing superior service and workmanship of the highest quality. She said our licensed electritons are CEC Accredited or working towards it and our installers work in teams of three so there's happy to train apprentices in house. Now, not all of that made complete sense to me but I did get a good gist.


Even at this intro level to MLEC Solar I could tell this outfit cared a lot about service, mainly in the way they took care of every aspect of customers' solar needs, under the one roof. Plus I totally switched on to the fact the team are highly skilled, well trained and use the very best quality, approved products, installed and maintained with A-Grade workmanship - which she added is guaranteed for 20 years!


Heather was keen to hear about my experiences in the desert and the interview was very human-focused, even though I am clearly a Numbat! She really listened to my points of view about the sun and the importance of keeping WA services WA owned and operated. When she asked about my schooling (which is pretty limited) we had a laugh over a joke about the sun I know!


Wanna hear it? Ok, here goes:


‘Why didn't the sun go to Uni? Because it has a million degrees!’


Oh, how we laughed! Nah, more kind of face-palmed, then we had a tour of MLEC Solar HQ!


MLEC Solar has two main offices in Canning Vale, one that houses the sales team, HR and my soon to be new team - The Digital Department! The nearby other office is home to the directors, admin and the warehouse holding all the gear! Cool fact: The second office just had a bunch of Tier 1 solar panels installed on its roof, cutting the electricity usage way down - I guess these MLEC Solar guys put their money where their mouth is.


I quickly realised I would really like to work here and I let Heather know as much when she asked me why I wanted to work with MLEC Solar. I thought about it for a bit, took a big breath and, in some super professional lingo, Iaid out that MLEC Solar is a real winner company with lots of scope for growth in the near future and beyond and I would love to be a part of that.


We sat in silence for a bit, between you and me - I was packing it! Heather finally said because of my limited experience I would have to earn my stripes - or more stripes than I already have. I said I totally could and I was ‘keen as’ to learn everything about MLEC Solar and report it back to my growing number of followers via this blog. She said, do you know any more sun jokes?


Then I said, “Why is the sun famous? Because it's a shining star!”


And again, we both facepalmed, had a chuckle and shook hands - and it was a good handshake.


Next day - guess what? I GOT THE INTERN JOB! So stoked! Now I have complete access to MLEC Solar to write my little blogs so I can report back to you guys behind-the-scenes goss, giggles and gigawatts of cool info relating to MLEC Solar!


So, watch this space!