Nat The Numbat's Knowledgeable Notes

Newbie intern, Nat the Numbat, gets the lowdown on all the growth and goings within the tight team at MLEC Solar. Join her week-to-week as she discovers more about WA’s leading solar company - what​ makes them tick and what makes them succeed in being oh-so special at solar!

Nat Snaps Up Some Time with Sam from the Digital Team!

Nat the Numbat hangs with MLEC’s resident Cool Air Dude, Joe!

Nat the Numbat Meets Matt Morrison!

Nat the Numbat Gets to Know MLEC Solar’s Telesales Team

Nat The Numbat Gets Hired at MLEC Solar!

Introductory post from Nat the Numbat about the beginning of the blog
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Nat the Numbat gets the lowdown from one of MLEC's founders, Matt.
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Nat The Numbat Interviews Joe!
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Nat Hangs with Sam
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