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Heya Gang! It’s your ever-enthusiastic, curious and go-getting MLEC intern here, Nat The Numbat, back to bring you the latest haps from the heart of MLEC!  

As I’m quickly learning, there’s a load of interesting and super-dedicated team players here at MLEC – some work on the frontline installing panels, some work in one of the two offices handling the all-important paperwork and some work in the mysterious realms of the internet, creating and wielding pixels so the rest of the nation are made aware of the cool thangs MLEC gets up to! 

Today we meet an extra-special MLEC teammate who works somewhat behind-the-scenes in the digital sphere, creating creative assets that promote and raise sweet awareness of the great solar efforts MLEC are known for! 

But how are those efforts made known? Well, that all comes down to the Digital Department, who busy themselves making it their bizz to give creative shoutouts about all things MLEC by way of artful Digital Marketing. 

One cool-as member of the Digital Team is Samuel Hooman, whose vast creative skillset oversees a plethora of digital tasks – mainly focusing on photography (PUN!), videography and graphic design – all said and done, Sam makes MLEC, and their exploits look GOOD! 

But how does he wield his digital magic and maintain MLEC’s all-important, funky brand vibrant and relevant to the solar industry and a wider audience? 

Sam says it best, in his sultry Yorkshire-tones, ‘I have many years’ experience as a professional event photographer and so I know all the ins and outs of what goes into creating an effective and professional and technically spot-on image – that’s developed from loads of research and study, the cool thing is now I get to execute what I’ve learnt for a great company!’ 


Sam is kept pretty busy working his pixelated craft, with time spent both in the digital department office and on-site capturing images and footage of MLEC installations and customer comments and testimonials. 

‘I make sure I encapsulate everything aspect of what’s going on at the installation, from the personality of the installers to getting sweet drone shoots of the rooftop panels – I always am keeping in mind the personality of the brand, which is really important to keep my content consistent and relevant.’ 

Cool, Sam – what happens to the creative assets gathered on site and how do they go live on the worldwide web? 

‘Back to the office, my team and I go through the best content I have gathered and best decide how to bring an engaging story and narrative to what I’ve produced so every piece of content has a sense of purpose – then, together, we whack it online through a variety of digital channels and spread the word!’ 

Crikey! What an important aspect of MLEC I had no idea about! As a budding creative whiz myself, I was intrigued to garner further hot info from Sam regarding his creative process. 


Sam politely and very English-ly shared, ‘Even though I don’t really dabble in the artistic side of photography, I like the technical side of things and photographing a technically good photo with lots of sweet specs backing what’s actually shot, I can communicate a lot visually – photography is quite a powerful tool!’ 

I was becoming increasingly more curious about the whole digital marketing she-bang and how intrinsic it is to spread the goss on what’s hot news at MLEC. 

Sam eagerly commented, ‘MLEC has heaps to offer we can communicate through marketing in a way that couldn’t be communicated otherwise. Everyone here does such a great job in their respective field, from the installers, closers, to admin – it is the Digital Department’s job to communicate all that and support the MLEC brand – brand personality is key’. 

Wow! Sounds like a super-involved, busy and creative role, and Sam agrees! 

‘I’m in charge of what I produce – I pretty much get creative control, in that I shoot, edit and present it to the team - I love that responsibility!  

He adds, ‘It’s extra special seeing out on-site how much solar installs means to people - they are genuinely more happy after they’ve had solar installed – it can be a real life-changer for some people.’ 

How inspirational is that? I didn’t know solar could mean so much to people and it’s Sam and his team’s job to share that love online! 

Sam also gets a kick out of working with great teammates at MLEC, where everyone looks out for watch other and have each other’s backs. 


Naw! MLEC love! 

I had to ask Sam if he had any good advice for budding content creators out there reading this little ol’ blog of mine? 

‘It’s pretty simple, really’ Sam said in his British tones as smooth as English Butter on scones, ‘It’s a lot about great photographic composition and taking thousands of pictures! 

Ok, I can work with that! This Sam dude knows his stuff so, before he jetted off to another shoot, I asked him how I can get the most of my MLEC internship. 


Silky cool and not batting an eyelid, Sam quipped ‘Stick your nose into every little nook and cranny and see what makes this place tick cos it’s a wonderful place to world and some many kinds of people within the team! 

Sam, with your professionalism and dulcet tones combined, how could I ever mistrust you! 

So, that was Sam – keen content creator and multi-talented whizz-kid who kind of looks like a modern-day pirate, don’t you think? 


He even let me take a photo of him! Nice! 


Join me next time, right here in Blog City, where I write up the cool goss and MLEC what-nots while I get to know the AMAZING staff here who make this place tick! 


Catch-ya later! 


Nat XX