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MLEC Solar are experts in solar battery storage for residential and commercial solar systems in Australia. For information on common problems and troubleshooting your solar battery, please refer to the information below. 

What can I do with my solar battery once it has reached the end of its functionality?

Firstly, disposing of lithium ion batteries can be hazardous to the environment, so there are a few eco-conscious ways to deal with a dead solar battery. Often they can be upcycled and refashioned to be utilised again, or they can be fully recycled by a certified recycler. There are certified recyclers who recycle dead solar batteries Australia wide - some quick search engine research will best indicate those solar battery recyclers nearest you. 

How Do I know if my Battery is 100% Charged? 

The ‘charged’ indicator on most PV charge controllers means only that battery voltage is relatively high. The SOC may be approaching full but is not necessarily near 100% A voltmeter reading gets you closer, but it is not a certain indicator. It varies too much with current flow, temperature, and time, to give a clear indication. 


A battery measuring device such as a hydrometer is the definitive indicating device, with it you can measure every cell individually. Affordable Hydrometers can be obtained from a battery or automotive supplier. 

How Do I Prevent My Battery Corroding? 

Corrosion of battery terminals and cables is a nuisance that causes resistance and potential hazards. To prevent corrosion, apply a non-hardening sealant to all the metal parts of the terminals before assembly. Completely coat the battery terminals, the wire lugs, and the nuts and bolts individually.  


Batteries that we have protected by these measures show very little corrosion, even after 10 years without terminal cleaning. 

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