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MLEC Solar is a trusted Australian solar company with a reputation for excellent quality and service and providing high performance solar power products from reputable tier 1 brands.


There are many issues that can cause panels to operate at a lower efficiency over time, and several different approaches that you can take to troubleshooting. For information on how to best optimise the operation of your solar panel system, please refer to the FAQ's below, or get in touch with an MLEC Solar Expert today. 

Will My Solar Panels Remain Effective During a Blackout? 

If your solar panel system is connected to the grid, it will shut off in the event of a blackout. This is to prevent emergency responders and electricity utility repair-people from being injured by your panels sending power back to the grid. However, there are certain inverters you can buy that provide backup power in a blackout when paired with a battery. More information can be found on our array of solar batteries, here. 

How Long Will My Solar System Last? 

In general, solar panels are very durable and capable of withstanding snow, wind, and hail. The various components of your solar power system will need to be replaced at different times, but your system should continue to generate electricity for 25 to 35 years. 

What Happens if I Sell My Solar Powered Home? 

If you own your solar energy system, your solar house will sell at a premium: studies have shown that solar increases property values. However, if you lease your system, that is not the case. You will need to either buy out your lease before you sell your home, or work with your leasing company to transfer the lease agreement to the home’s new owner. 

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