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Australia's Solar PV Specialists

MLEC Solar are your local solar experts, dedicated to providing professional solar solutions for your home and business. We believe that harvesting the power of the sun to generate free, clean energy is something everyone should be able to enjoy. 


Established by two brothers, Matt and Ben Morrison, we are proudly Australian Owned and Operated. MLEC Solar is among the leading residential and commercial solar installers and retailers across Australia.

Ben and Matt Morrison, founders and co-owners of MLEC Solar, are still close to their sparkie roots. 

Ben and Matt, while still in their apprenticeships, had always performed electrical work for their friends and family – in fact, they were pretty much always booked out. As soon as they had the respective licenses and were qualified – they quit their jobs to go out on their own, fulltime for themselves – and MLEC was born. 


There are a few unique aspects that set MLEC Solar apart from other electrical contractors. Firstly, our company is family owned and operated, founded by brothers, Ben and Matt Morrison – who are both qualified Master Electricians.
Most solar companies around are owned and operated by salespeople, without an electrician’s background - MLEC Solar are one of the rare solar companies in Australia with both owners coming from a tradesmen’s background.
With two electricians on MLEC’s board of directors, a lot of decisions get made with the in-house installers and tradies in mind. We value our installers a lot more than other companies do - we treat them as an integral part of our business.
We pride ourselves most on being known for our high standards in customer care and service. We believe in going above and beyond for all our customers – if any customer is unhappy with their service, we fix the issues, however big or small – as quickly as possible.
MLEC Group offer a full turnkey service and fundamentally, at our core, we care about our valued customers.
From our humble beginnings in Perth, WA – to our rapid expansion across Australia: MLEC Solar proudly delivers our trademark stellar solar installations, service, aftercare and quality products Australia-wide – with headquarters in every state of the country.
Whether you’re an individual, couple, family or business - big or small, our highly knowledgeable and experienced team will work with you to develop a solar solution that’s tailor made and suits your specific needs. We can provide individual products and services or complete solar packages.

We provide unparalleled solar service and the very best, cutting-edge solar products. All MLEC installers are licensed and we only stock proven, reputable brands that have obtained CEC certifications and meet Australian Standards.


Residential Solar Systems

MLEC Solar proudly install more than 4,000 residential PV solar systems every year, with our trademark, second-to-none, expertise demonstrated time and time in every state of our fine country.  So, whether you or your business reside in Broome, Bundaberg, Bendigo – or anywhere in between, MLEC Solar are your trusted, local and totally in-house solar experts. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, quality products and workmanship and competitive pricing.

Commercial Solar Systems

From smaller 10-30kW projects to larger scale 100kW systems and above, MLEC Solar are your trusted, local and totally in-house solar experts, happy to help serve your commercial solar needs, no matter the size of the job. We proudly provide a professional end-to-end service from design and consult through to installation, commissioning and maintenance, Australia-wide. Here at MLEC Solar – we’ve got your business’ back.

By having efficient customer service procedures our customers receive a quality experience from their very first contact. Efficiency is not a destination rather it is a constant, ever-evolving journey.

Client Feedback


On Time Installers

The Installers fit in with my schedule and came directly ON TIME! They were very personable and friendly and took me through the in's and outs once installed.

- James Peacock, Residential

Professional Installation

I had solar panels installed last week by MLEC, would like to personally thank Darren and the team for outstanding service. Quality workmanship and professional service.

- Jayden Dodds, Residential

Efficiency everywhere

Our philosophy is to make every aspect of our business as efficient as possible. With the right balance of price, quality and customer satisfaction, our vision is to become the best solar company in Australia.

Smart Installation

By increasing the efficiency of installations, we can keep costs low to offer competitive pricing- while still providing an excellent customer experience. 

Maximum Savings

By designing efficient systems, we allow our customers to maximise their solar savings throughout the entire year.

Quality Service

By having efficient customer service procedures our customers receive a quality experience from their very first contact. Efficiency is not a destination rather it is a constant, ever-evolving journey.

Get To Know Us!

If you've just read our About Us page and not convinced you’ve found Australia’s best solar solutions providers – please contact us to find out more.

If you would like more information regarding how going solar save you and your business loads off your electricity bills – do consider contacting us to find out.

If you want to speak to your local solar expert, to ascertain how solar can benefit you and your business – anywhere in Australia – contact us today.

If you are seeking a free, personalised and tailor-made solar consultation to best position your specific solar needs – also, contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our experts are ready to help you.

What limitations do I have for size of my Commercial system?

There are a couple of different restrictions for commercial units. When you go over 30kW of inverter capacity, Western Power require you to do special engineering and put in extra surge and grid protection. This pushes back the approval process and increases the cost quite substantially, which is why most solar systems jump from 30kw up to 100kw, as this is when it starts to become most viable for your return on investment. Once you go over 100kW systems, you also get a credit called LGC’s, which operates differently to STC’s.

Do I need council approval for my Commercial system?

This changes from council to council. Here at MLEC we will contact your council and then complete any council approval documents that we need prior to installation.

Do I need a structural engineering report for my Commercial system?

In most cases, no you do not. A solar panel only weighs 10-20kg per Sqm, which means they do not put much strain on the structural integrity of your building. If a building is older, or we are unsure of the feasibility of a large system on the roof we will organize a structural engineering report to be completed to assess the feasibility.

Can I put solar on my business if I do not own the business?

Yes, if you have the Landlord's permission you are allowed to put solar on and reap the rewards! Here at MLEC we will happily mediate with the landlord and discuss the future benefits for both of you to enjoy. Solar adds value to the property, and makes it an attractive place to rent in the future.
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