Austria. Famous around the world for being the home of Arnold Swarzenegger, apple strudel, wiener schnitzel and now also making a name for themselves as top notch solar inverter manufacturers, all thanks to Fronius. 

Fronius, named after its founder - Gunter Fronius - began in 1945 in the town of Pettenbach in Austria as a small electronics shop, specialising in batteries and other electrical odd jobs to help support the local community. From small town humble beginnings, in 2001 the company opened a factory manufacturing photovoltaics and battery charging technology back in Pettenbach, where it all began, making the company come full circle like the electronic circuits they build.

Since its mid-century inception, the Austrian company has grown to house over 5,400 staff in over 34 subsidiaries all over Europe and its technological advancements and developments have progressed just as wide, if not further, as Fronius has become well regarded one of the finest makers of solar inverters the world over. 

It's for that reason that we here at MLEC Solar choose to stock, install and service Fronius inverters. Because MLEC is renowned for utilising the world’s very best solar gear, it was a no brainer to add Fronius to the list of our world class solar products. 

Fronius, as well as MLEC Solar, are wholeheartedly dedicated to harnessing the sun’s rays to help power your home and business - as Fronius proudly states, ‘the sun does not send you a bill’ and that simple fact drives their business. Using a Fronius made solar inverter teamed with a top-quality solar system, installed by MLEC, can greatly assist in reducing your power bills as your solar system harnesses the sun’s energy free of charge, cutting your bills way down and giving you peace of mind in this current climate.

So, what is a solar inverter and how do they work? 

First of all, solar inverters are a very important and integral part of your residential or business’ solar panel system. After the sun’s rays reach us here in WA - taking 8 minutes and travelling around 150 kilometres (fun facts!) the inverter converts the DC power from the panels into AC power for your home or business premises. 

By utilising a solar inverter, the raw energy from the sun’s rays, after reaching your solar panels, can be converted into usable green energy for your home and business. 

Okay, that was simply put, but the fact of the matter is that inverters are the most complex component of your solar system and investing in the right advice and the right brand is important. For your peace of mind, MLEC Solar only stocks solar inverters from reputable brands, such as Fronius, which have been approved by the Clean Energy Council and which meet the Australian Standard AS 4777. 

As Perth’s leading residential and commercial solar installers and retailers, MLEC Solar provides top quality inverters. Our range of high-quality inverters, including Fronius inverters, are backed up by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty - nice! This extensive warranty goes hand in hand with MLEC Solar’s very own bonafide 20-year workmanship guarantee, which when teamed up with Fronius, brings a whole heap of peace of mind for you.  

Fronius has over 75 years solar industry experience under their belt and are world renowned for their high-quality inverters. The company started in Austria and continues to build their products in Austria - thus proving their commitment and dedication to quality European manufacturing.  

Their inverters also include smart solar technology - the highly intuitive and intelligent Fronius inverters ensure that electricity from photovoltaic systems can be used efficiently - all manufactured with sustainable production techniques. 

Fronius are ahead of the game when it comes to green energy and sustainable solar products. Fronius stands by the fact that as we as a race are globally (but gradually) moving away from fossil fuels, and consumption of electricity is rising. Therefore it's wise to start thinking today about how this growing demand for electricity can be met sustainably and cost effectively. 

By utilising a Fronius inverter in unison with a high-quality photovoltaic system, installed and serviced by MLEC Solar, not only can you supply your household appliances with solar power, but you can also heat water for showering or charge an electric car.

Another helpful tool in monitoring your Fronius solar inverter is the Fronius Solar web monitoring tool - an app so you can keep an eye on your energy yield and consumption at all times, wherever you are, so you can get the most out of your photovoltaic system and inverter system.  

The Fronius Solar web app is equipped so you can check your system is functioning to the best of its ability. The app also shortens the payback period while exposing energy guzzlers within your home or business. 

The app analyses and optimises energy consumption while maintaining your solar system, ensuring the system is all running with up-to-date logistics. Installing a Fronius inverter with a high solar system also enables you and your business to save money with individual extensions, and also comes with the bonus of the generous warranty mentioned before. 

From the land of ridiculously large castles and delicious chocolate, Austria, comes one of the world’s absolute best manufacturers of solar inverters - Fronius. From its humble beginnings as a small electronics shop in 1945 - Fronius have grown exponentially the world over, as their developments and technological advancements are known as among the most progressive and state-of-the-art. 

So, if you’re looking to have MLEC Solar, WA’s leading solar solution provider, install a top-quality Tier 1 inverter in your home or business, do consider installing a Fronius inverter and don’t hesitate in getting in touch with the friendly and professional team at MLEC to discuss Fronius inverter options further. 

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