Germany: known for their slick design principles and delicious beer, have produced another winner in SMA’s world leading solar inverters. 

Since 2001, SMA have been developing, producing and manufacturing premium quality and super advanced solar inverters. With offices in 18 countries, SMA has the sun covered from every angle the globe offers. 

SMA have been recently rated the ‘chosen European PV inverter manufacturer brand in the Australian solar market’ by the PV Inverter Market Tracker in 2019. In Australian alone over 750,000 SMA inverters have already been installed, producing more than 35% of all solar electricity in the country - now that’s quite a feat. 

SMA put their money where their mouth is: at their headquarters in Germany, SMA’s photovoltaic (PV) systems cover 38% of their total electricity consumption in Germany. The remaining electricity they use is also renewable.  For example, SMA emplyees saved 72 tons of CO₂ in 2019 by charging their electric cars with renewable energy at the company’s own charging stations. To say SMA are environmentally conscious, aware and actively tackling the issue is an understatement. 

Proving themselves for 20 years as pioneers in the renewable energy market, and due to SMA’s collectively installed inverters, SMA alone stops the emission of 59 million tons of CO₂ a year worldwide.

With SMA’s top-notch inverters, teamed with MLEC’s installation and servicing prowess, you can show your bills whose boss by cutting your grid-supplied energy consumption down.

SMA are a fantastic brand you can trust, time and time again. You can cultivate your own energy with the security of knowing your inverter is of optimum quality, made with the expert engineering Germany is well known for. For example, 100% of SMA inverters are comprehensively tested before leaving the factory to ensure reliable operation for the life of the inverter. Matched with MLEC’s comprehensive 20 year fully guaranteed workmanship, you could have a winning solar system installed and up and running for years to come. 

With worldwide climate change issues increasing, more and more people are realising the importance of renewable energy. The forward-thinking team at SMA are proudly leading the way of not only assisting in raising awareness of greenhouse effects but are actively working towards correcting them. As climate change activists stress, now is the time for action and now is the perfect time to consider installing your solar energy system and drastically reducing your home or business’ carbon footprint.  

By teaming up with SMA and MLEC Solar, you’ll not only help save the planet by lessening the stress on grid power and cutting carbon emissions.  You’ll assist in creating a greener, more liveable planet for generations to come. 

Not to mention the huge savings on power bills. It makes sense: WA is almost continually drenched in sunshine, why not generate your own solar power and consume it efficiently? 

SMA inverters and MLEC’s installation and servicing expertise helps you cut your energy costs permanently. Your home and your business can harvest the unlimited power of the sun, generating cost effective and sustainable solar power.  

Forget about ever increasing electricity prices - you can forever stay ahead of the curve, do your bit for the environment and slash your power bills.

Firstly, a bit of helpful info regarding the inverters themselves: Teamed with the solar panels soaking up the sun’s rays, the solar inverter plays an integral part of your solar system. To put it simply, the main purpose of your solar inverter is to ‘translate’ or convert the solar energy generated from the solar panels from DC to AC so your home or business can utilise the power. 

Your SMA works in unison with DC power from the sun, converting it into volts upon volts of AC power for you home and your business, ready to be used - free of charge - for all your power consumption needs. The entire solar system expertly installed and maintained by MLEC (don’t forget that 20-year workmanship guarantee!), can generate green electricity from now into the future. 

With WA’s sun beating down more than anywhere else in Australia, a quality solar system in your home and business is built with the potential of it generating more energy than the household or business needs - not to worry, this energy does not go to waste! 

The solar powered electricity you don’t use can either be stored in a quality MLEC provided battery, ready to be utilised when the sun goes down, on cloudy days or whenever you require extra energy. Alternatively, you sell that extra power back to the grid - yes, the traditional energy providers will pay you for power you generate with your MLEC installed solar system, equipped with a top-notch SMA inverter. 

The best-selling SMA inverters on the market today include the Sunny Boy or Sunny Tripower: Top quality, German engineered SMA inverters that convert solar power into usable alternating current. They can be quickly and easily installed, and their compact design means minimum space taken up - so no bulky boxes and unsightliness. Some additional benefits of these inverters is they provide maximum solar yields, even with shading, plus you can monitor our solar panel energy output with the free monitoring app: the SMA Energy app. 

With technology rapidly progressing exponentially the big thinkers, makers, and doers at SMA have you covered by continually future proofing their brilliant gear. Their inverters and MLEC’s installed solar system can be continually upgraded if required, as the solar technology is further developed and streamlined. SMA already meets all technical requirements of the energy market of the future - and so do we. 

SMA Inverters are the perfect combination of high-quality equipment, smart software and exceptional service. Their modular design means that getting started is easy and your system can be upgraded to suit your budget and requirements anytime, with no hassle. MLEC and their 20-year workmanship guarantee have your back as well - we’re always happy to help service and maintain your solar system with up to the minute updates and upgrades. 

Just think of how fantastic it would be to be free of utility companies and their continually rising electricity prices, plus assisting in cutting down greenhouse and carbon emissions and saving money, all at the same time! 

Be part of the future movement by joining forces with MLEC and SMA - both leaders in their industry. MLEC proudly supports SMA as a leading global specialist in PV system technology and as a trailblazer and trendsetter in the renewable energy market as they assist in future proofing the world of tomorrow. 

The power is yours, claim it, use, sell it - when you are ready, SMA and MLEC are ready to help make this dream a reality for you and your business.  

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Harvesting the power of the sun to generate free, clean energy for your home or business is something we believe everyone should be able to enjoy.

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