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Rockingham Solar Rockstars! - Rockingham & Waikiki, WA

We followed the sunshine down south during Spring and checked out three residential jobs at different stages of installation. We caught up with Zac in Rockingham at a mega mansion – the three storeys proved to be a challenge - but nothing our boys couldn’t handle! The mansion required a cherry picker to lift the panels up such an immense height! The job saw 28 x REC panels, a rare choice in panel brand and a special request by the owner. The system was teamed with a chunky 8kW SMA Sunny Boy inverter – ‘a beauty!’, according to Zac! The final job in Waikiki saw the boys installing 18 x 370W Leapton panels and testing the 5kW Sunny Boy inverter, to ensure everything was up and running for the owner – so they could start reaping the benefits of solar! Check the video for more details!

  • Customer:Residential Client
  • KW:10.3kW
  • No. Panels:28
  • Retail Value:
  • Estimated Yearly Savings:$-
  • System:REC Panels + SMA Inverter

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